Swimmer needs help!

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Swimmer needs help!

Postby kukukaka123 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:46 am

Im 16 Y/o Male and have been swimming competitivly for 4 years now
I need some advice on wat i cud do to improve my 100m Fly and 200m Fly times. Atm i go 1:05.48 for 100m fly(LC) (splits are 30.8 , 34.68) i have a breathing pattern of every 2 strokes. Ive realised that its always the last 10m where my arms really stiffen up and i slow down dramatically. My coach said that when i was at the 5m mark,i was at 59sec flat, which means it took me basically 6 seconds to do the last 5m....... anyways, id jst like some advice on what i could do/change to improve my 100m fly time and get under 1:00 (A long shot i know but thats the qualifying time for the Opens meet in December).

For my IM, i really would like some help here cause i am terrible at it. Right now i do a 2:35 flat (splits are 31.7 , 40.2 , 49.0 , 34.1) My times for 50m sprints are (Im order) (29.09 , 35.5 , 37.82 , 27.90). I have tried to swim a slower butterfly time but it dosnt seem to help much, i end up slowing down overall instead. By the time i turn to do my breaststroke, im already too tired and cant hold my technique, i try to have a longer glide but my arms and leg at this point are so stiff i cant kick or pull properly. In the freestyle i absolutely hammer it, to the point where i feel like puking afterwards :? :? ...but it would be great if someone could just give me some advice on what to do to improve my IM to get under 2:25.50.

Any training sets or tips for my 100 fly and 200 im would help greatly as well :) thank you!

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